"Very helpful and attentive."

      Very helpful and attentive.

      D. H.
      "Extremely thankful for the professionalism and consistency."

      Texas’ best lawyer in my opinion! Extremely thankful for the professionalism and consistency. Mrs. Kelley knows her stuff and I highly recommend her when looking for outstanding representation.

      A. J.
      "God bless attorney Kelley. A great attorney. I recommend her."

      First of all, God bless attorney Kelley. A great attorney. I recommend her. I work my case and, after God, she ISO an excellent responsible job, dedicated to your case, ready to fight for you. If you have legal problems do not hesitate to hire her services After God she will defend you 👍

      Javi Alv
      "Erin is absolutely amazing! I was referred to her by another lawyer."

      Things could not have turned out better.

      I came to Erin very scared and upset about a serious matter. After speaking the first time I felt like she really cared about my well-being and really felt we could have a positive outcome. And not just for a win loss record but she took an individual interest in my case and got things resolved expeditiously. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. If you read this far, you know this is a very important Decision, you’re not going wrong with Erin Kelley she’s one of the best in the business in my opinion.

      Nicholas Greenberg
      "Anything I or my husband would ask for she was always on top of it"

      Erin was very consistent with the jail visits as well She would do in person visits with my husband ,
      Meaning side by side , not just through the glass . . We also appreciated that she always took tons of notes , was always very organized and would take her laptop to the jail so her and my husband could go through the discovery packet together and gather great thoughts together , Every visit was always impressive to my husband.
      We worked as a team for the best possible outcome for my husband to be reunited with me and his daughter again.
      Anything I or my husband would ask for she was always on top of it ,
      Never did I have to check in to see if she got it done , She would hear you , listen to you and get the ball rolling , it only took that one time that you would tell her something and she get it done within the next day or so .
      She never mislead us with the situation at hand. She stuck by us every step of the way and fought hard! Working with Erin was a great experience and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for an attorney that’s honest, dedicated , resourceful and overall a magnificent Defender . I plan to keep Erin’s number and pray that I never need an attorney again but if I do she is definitely the first person I’m calling ! She is very monumental to me !

      Gina Diaz
      "She showed great love towards my daughter and was very sweet to her. Right off the bat I felt that she was trustworthy and very intelligent."

      My husband was referred to Mrs. Erin Kelley through another inmate that he was incarcerated with at that time , she was currently representing the guy who gave my husband her information.
      My husband had heard great things about Erin through the jail , ( that she was the women that could get the job done )
      So when I called Erin , SHE answered the phone , ( not an assistant… like other attorney offices )
      Which in my eyes was great that I called and spoke directly to her and that I didn’t even have to leave a message & wait to hear back and so on . ( because how annoying is that )
      I told her our interest in hiring her and she offered go speak to my husband at the jail just to make sure she was the attorney he did really want to go with .
      (Erin is also bilingual , and his fluent is Spanish . )
      After deciding that we did want to hire her She was very easy to meet with and tried to open her schedule as much as possible to where it could accommodate my schedule . She also allowed me to bring my daughter with me who was only a year and half at the time … she was very understanding to kids being in her office .
      She showed great love towards my daughter and was very sweet to her .
      Right off the bat I felt that she was trustworthy and very intelligent.
      I felt that I was getting my money worth.
      She read me our contract to make sure we were both on the same page and that I felt comfortable with everything .
      Erin has reasonable pricing and has great payment plans . She also has an online portal where you can make payments and you always get a receipt to your email . Which was also very much appreciated… that feature just made my life 10x easier .
      My husband was incarcerated on a Murder charge and I hired her to represent him and possibly take his case to trial .
      Our first time going to court she was able to get my husband bond split in half .
      She allowed my husband to always be in “ control “ and didn’t force him to do or sign anything he didn’t want to do , she was always understanding to his emotions and always did a great job at filing motions etc etc to help us get where we needed to be . My husband explained to me that him and Mrs. Kelley created a good bond and “ friendship “ along this journey .
      He express to me that he opened up to her about his drug addiction and his struggle in life growing up & other personal things he said she is someone you can be completely honest with and feel comfortable while doing so with out getting judged.
      This time in my life was very hard for me and she was always compassionate and very empathetic . This women really does have it in her heart that she cares for her client and what you are going through along with comforting the emotions of the family that is also dealing with the worries & heartache as well . She is cognizant to the fact that people make mistakes and shouldn’t have to be tremendously punished for it. She constantly kept us in the loop and we always had a good rapport with one another . she did a stupendous job at going through discovery packet. She assimilate to every detail in the case ..
      anytime there was a change etc she always called me and told me every detail , she Always asked how I felt and if there was any questions , She also always called me after every visit she had with my husband to update me on what’s going on , so I can be on the same page as them , Which was very substantial to me due to the fact that the calls are being recorded and possibly later on be held against you. Which just made things a little bit easier on me and my husband that we were on the same page without having to worry about anyone listening in on us . She was not one of those attorneys where “ it was what it is and too bad “
      She almost always had a solution to any curveball they tried to throw at us .
      Never were there any unexpected surprises ..

      Des Nicole
      "Always helpful and great communication"

      Thank you for all your help!! Always helpful and great communication and advice every step of the way

      Tommy Throckmorton
      "Erin Kelley and her team saved my son’s life and we can never thank her and her Co-Council Huma enough."

      First and foremost I would like to thank God for bringing you into my family life! Erin Kelley and her team saved my son’s life and we can never thank her and her Co-Council Huma enough. They are knowledgeable, intelligent, confident, and passionate about their client cases. We wanted the best and that’s what we got! Those two wonderful ladies have a heart that's loving, caring, and can handle anything. They will go the extra mile to help and do the best they can to make your experience pleasant. In each step, she keeps you well informed. Her staff as well is very pleasant to work with, they are all team players. The best two Attorneys in Texas, if you ask my family. Read about my son’s story it made the front page of the Dallas Morning News on
      9/2/2023. With all their hard work and dedication we highly recommend her and her team to anyone looking for a lawyer with a presence who gets the job done. It’s ♾️ stars for us love y’all!

      Nickeva Hawkins
      "Muy Buena abogada la mejor!"

      Muy Buena abogada la mejor, yo Yiovany Venegas la recomiendo Infinitamente por su excellent labor es la major opcion, trato mi caso y me dejo libre de todo cargo. Mucha Gracias licenciada Kelley.

      Grey Aguilar
      "Best of the best, she’s amazing at what she does."

      Best of the best, she’s amazing at what she does.

      Angel Merino
      "Erin definitely goes above and beyond"

      When I say Erin definitely goes above and beyond she does just that‼️Hands down helped me in every way possible and got me a outcome I was pleased with..Definitely would recommend her and her staff any day❤️Thanks for everything again Erin🤗

      Cinthya Lopez
      "I was very satisfied with her job"

      I was very satisfied with her job good lawyer fights to achieve her goals and she always looks for the best for her clients 100% my recommendations are the best 🙏

      Crisma Cadenas
      "I am so thankful for her advice and for helping me keep calm through the whole process."

      Erin helped me get my case dismissed! I am so thankful for her advice and for helping me keep calm through the whole process. Thank you, Erin, again for all your help! I will be keeping your contact, hopefully, I don’t need it again but just in case …



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