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The federal criminal justice system operates very differently than the state system, and the penalties in federal cases are often much harsher than in state-level cases. As a result, it is important to hire a defense attorney who is experienced with federal criminal proceedings. Kelley Legal has the experience and skill to guide you through the complex federal justice system. Erin will take care to explain every step of your federal proceeding in detail to help you understand all your options and let you know what to expect. Kelley Legal does their best to respond to all your questions within two business hours and aim to foster efficient, reliable communication.

Erin understands how important the outcome of a federal case is, and she will do her best to defend you. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

What Are Considered Federal Crimes?

Most crimes are handled in state court according to the state’s laws. However, certain crimes that concern the federal or national interest can be prosecuted at the federal level. 

The following crimes fall under federal jurisdiction:

  • Crimes that take place on federal land or that involve federal officers: For example, murder in a national park, theft on a military base, or assault against an employee of a federal government agency
  • Crimes that cross state lines: For example, a kidnapping that begins in one state and takes the alleged victim to another or an internet fraud scheme with alleged victims and perpetrators in several states
  • Crimes involving fraud, deception, or misrepresentation to the federal government: For example, federal tax fraud, Medicaid fraud, or loan fraud
  • Immigration and customs violations: For example, international human trafficking

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

While state crimes are handled by state agents (e.g., county sheriffs, local police officers, and state district attorneys), federal crimes are prosecuted by assistant U.S. attorneys and investigated by federal law enforcement officers from agencies like the FBI, DEA, or ICE. A person charged with a federal crime will appear in federal court before a federal judge.

Federal crimes are penalized based on the federal sentencing guidelines, and federal penalties are longer than state penalties. Certain crimes like federal drug offenses also carry mandatory minimum sentencing. 

The federal sentencing guideline is a grid format that lays out specific sentencing ranges for crimes based on an offense level between one and 43 (one being the least severe) and one of six criminal history categories. The intersection of these two values determines the sentencing range that the judge will consider.

Some factors could adjust the base offense level higher or lower. 

For example:

  • The crime was motivated by hate: +3 levels 
  • The offender knew that the alleged victim was unusually vulnerable due to their age or their physical or mental condition: +2 levels
  • The offender obstructed justice: +2 levels
  • The offender clearly accepts responsibility for the crime: -2 levels
  • The offender was a minimal participant in the offense: -4 levels

If you have been accused of committing a federal crime, do not hesitate to enlist legal support immediately. The consequences of a federal crime are much more severe than a state crime, so it is important that you seek an experienced federal defense lawyer to represent you in court.

Erin can take a closer look at your situation to determine which sentencing range applies to your case and how she can combat the claims against you. Kelley Legal will also investigate the circumstances of your case to see whether it should be handled in federal court in the first place and how Attorney Erin might argue for a lower adjustment of your sentence.

Contact Kelley Legal today for a free consultation to discuss your federal crimes defense. Let’s act immediately to get you out of your legal predicament.

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